The Best App To Print Text Messages From iPhone

The Android OS seems to have an application for everything and there is not much the Android operating system can not do. Keep reading about tips to print text messages form iPhone. Many Android users know that from checking out eBooks to creating discussions, you can find almost any application in the Google Play store. The Android OS has actually gone from being just a mobile, you can use it as an alternative to laptops and desktop PCs. Printing is among the things that lots of people use their computer systems to do and how cool would it be to Print SMS From iPhone, print files and images from the Android phone? Well, it’s extremely simple to print things from your Android device and this article will reveal you how you can perform it.

Print SMS From iPhone

Technique 1: Print With Google Cloud Printer

Google Cloud Print is the official Google application for Android devices and the most stable cloud printing application. This is the ideal app to print through normal printers utilizing Google’s cloud printing service.

Step One

If you don’t have GOOGLE CHROME installed on your computer system, ensure it is downloaded and installed on your PC. Also, make sure you have a valid Google account.

Step Two

Right after installing CHROME, you have to click the menu and choose Settings. Go to Show advanced settings.

Step Three

Scroll down and select manage printers “in the Google Cloud Print section”. Select the Add Printer option. This will take you to the sign in screen so that you can sign in with your GOOGLE ID.

Step Four

Make sure the printer is attached to the computer. You don’t need a CLOUD friendly printer and you can use any regular printer. After signing in with your Google account ID, the attached printer will show up in the list of printers. Ensure you check your specific printer and click on the Add Printer option. You have now setup your PC and printer.

Step Five

You then need to download and install the cloud printing app on your smartphone or Android tablet. The app can be downloaded through the Google play-store. When you’ve set up the application, make sure you’re signed in to the similar GOOGLE account, you used to register the printer from your PC. Also, make sure your Wi-Fi is turned on during this process.

Step Six-a

Launch the print cloud app and select the print icon on the top bar. This will let you to pick a specific file that you wish to print. You can choose files from the gallery, any data file manager as well as from the GOOGLE unit.

Step Six-b

Additionally, you may print directly from the data file you wish to print. Go to the image or document you wish to print and click the Share icon. Select Cloud Print from the list of offered sharing options and this will connect you with printing cloud apps.

Step Seven

Choose the printer from the list of printers that you have registered utilizing Chrome on your PC. Make sure this is the printer that is connected to the computer.

Step Eight

Now, you need to see the print preview screen on your system. You can select the alignment, color, size, and the number of copies you want to print.

Step Nine

Click the triangular arrow icon. This starts the printing procedure. You can print multiple files at the same time and even utilize more than one printer.

Method 2: Print Text Messages From iPhone

Cloud Print For Print SMS From iPhone App

While Google’s cloud printing application is much more official, Easy print SMS from iPhone is the best used Cloud Printing app and has actually gotten 1.5 million downloads. Apart from printing files and pics, print drawings and SMS messages are also supported.

You simply have to install Easy print SMS app or you can get it through the Google Play store.

Sign in your Google ID that you used to register the printers on your computer. Select the printer you wish to use into the list of printers you have actually registered utilizing CHROME on your PC.

Select the kind of document you wish to print. The app will provide you the choice of selecting a document from your gallery or by utilizing a file manager. You can also select SMS messages, contacts, note pads, and pictures to print. Additionally, you can go to the specific document you wish to print and click the action icon. You need to pick the Application Cloud print to share.

After you select the document, you will see that the picked printer is set as the standard printer. This can be altered before printing. You may also alter the print option, for example direction and color by going to the Page setting icon.

Click on the option Click here to print. This will start the possibility of uploading the document. Once loaded, the print job will be added and the printing process should start.

About Print SMS From iPhone

Easy print text messages from IPHONE is an all in one printing application for Androind OS that lets you to printing utilizing WiFi, Google Cloud and Bluetooth. The application works with regular printers, in addition to printers all set for WiFi and Bluetooth. You can print MMS/SMS and contact record straight from your Android system.