Biofinger Kontrola Dostępu Rejestracja Czasu Pracy

Basically, Rejestracja czasu pracy Kontrola dostępu (Time registration and access control) system does the same job as a normal lock and key, but does so in a more safer and definitely more secure way. Access control time registration systems have recently become very popular in colleges, schools and nurseries because of the security and safety they are able to provide. Comprising of three elements; the barrier, the door controller/reader and finally the token or badge.

Kontrola dostępu systems help authorities in limiting access of people in a certain area. The most common system includes physical systems like lock and key. Computer based control systems are also available in the market. The swipe cards and many others are examples of computer based systems. One of the most popular forms of computer based control systems is a PIN system.

However, the most effective one is the biometric Rejestracja Czasu Pracy Kontrola dostępu system. Biometric system is very efficient because the specific body parts of individuals are recorded, which are unique in every person. This system also comprises of a strong and tough user management application that offers transaction reporting potentials, access control setting and inscribed user information.

Why Install Biometric Kontrola dostępu System?

  • Efficiency of the System
  • Ease of Setting Up
  • Replication of Biometrics is impossible
  • Restricting unofficial individuals to get into controlled areas
  • No need to use other methods like keys and ID cards which are less safe.
  • Each and every step is tracked like when and to whom the access was given.
  • Cuts down the expenses linked with lock replacement.

Above all, a Secure Control access controlled building generates the feeling of safety, security and well being within the pupils, which in turn banishes any parental concerns. So regardless of the size of the school, Kontrola dostępu systems keep unwanted visitors out and the pupils inside safe and secure.

Once fitted by a member of a professional team, this system is capable of being networked and programmed, which will allow varying levels of access, which makes it particularly appealing to schools.

Biometric Time And Attendance

Easily integrated, our sophisticated systems will let you manage and monitor your employees. Whether your business only has 5 or 500 employees, we are able to supply and fit a system for you. Reports can be produced which enables management to see just how many employees were in attendance, what time they arrived and what time they left the building. This system is also best for students attendance.

Advantages of Biometric Time

  • Keep track of individual employees or departments
  • Increase the security of your premises
  • Information can be collected on individual employees
  • Access to restricted areas only
  • Biometrics cannot be replicated
Relying on unique human physical attributes, which cannot be stolen, lost or replicated, Secure Control access control systems are the only way to safeguard your business.

There are endless amount of systems and options available, so we advise you speak to a member of our team to discuss your specific requirements.