Contemporary Glass Staircases: An Exclusive Eye Catcher

The stairs: no longer hidden in the entrance hall, but as part of the interior in the living room. Stairs exist today in all shapes, sizes, and colors. The Contemporary glass staircases are becoming increasingly popular due to its exclusive character. Also, this eye-catcher gives a unique and contemporary effect on your interior.

Types Of Stairs, From Stairs To Floating Stairs

There are different types of stairs, in a variety of different types and materials.

Classic Staircase

The staircase is a classic straight staircase that goes straight up, without borders or turns. This type of staircase is most common. Contrary to the spiral staircase, this staircase occupies much horizontal space. The space under a staircase can leave you open, causing the room to exhale a greater space feeling. Sometimes, however, this space is also used as storage.

Board Streak

A variant of the staircase is the stairway staircase, which is used for extremely low stairs. Between the steps, the staircase is interrupted by an intersection or a horizontal plane that is wider than the steps. This creates a resting point or connects two parts of the stairs.


More beautiful than the straight staircase is the quarter turn, with a 90-degree rotation at the top or bottom. This type of staircase is suitable for stairs in an angle, but they are also a little more dangerous than boarding stairs because these stairs contain expelled steps. These are steps that are not placed right between the stairs.

Spiral Staircase

The spiral staircase or revolver strolls around a central spindle upwards and has a very elegant appearance. In addition, the staircase takes little place, making this type of staircase very suitable for connections where little horizontal space is available these stairs are less practical if you need to move or when you have to cross someone on the stairs.

Space-Saving Stairs

Space-saving stairs are not so practical, and therefore we usually find them in less-used spaces, such as the basement or the attic. Unlike other stairs, these steps are available in the standard version and should not be customized.

Compact Stairs

A goose staircase or miller stage is also space saving. This is a simple, straight and fairly steep staircase, which descends directly from the Stair. It consists of two straight parallel sidebars, between which half steps are placed, sometimes without bullet boards.

Floating Stairs

Floating stairs are the trend of the moment. With this type of design stairs, the stairs are attached directly to the wall without there being a visible staircase. As a result, the steps seem to float, and this has a magical effect.

Contemporary Glass Staircases A Source Of Light

Not only does a glass staircase look elegant, elegant and contemporary, a glass staircase also creates a spacious feel.  Because glass is light-transmitting, it creates large open volumes that allow daylight to pass. In this way, the contemporary glass staircases are also a source of light, which makes it possible to play with light. Oh ok, it’s nice to put LED lights in the staircases.

The Big Advantages Of Contemporary Glass Staircases

The glass is form-resistant at different temperatures; thus, it will not expel or shrink by heat or cold. Glass is also scratch resistant, so no scare to scratch your shoes. In addition, glass is available in different sizes and thicknesses, allowing any kind of glass staircase. Finally, glass is available unlimited, making it an environmentally friendly investment.

Is A Glass Staircase Safe?

A glass staircase is as safe as an ordinary staircase. Glass has a large bend-breaking strength which makes glass breakage almost impossible. In addition, the glass is stable due to the laminated safety glazing. This means that all shares are held together by the protective layer. So no one will hurt himself. In addition, it is also possible to apply an anti-slip coating to the glass staircases. That way you avoid slipping.

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