Pressure Washing Dayton Ohio Methods For Floor Cleaning

The cleaning of floors is essential for all types of pavements because they are exposed to physical and chemical factors that make them not kept in good condition. This is why they need special care depending on each type of floor. Today we will discuss about Pressure Washing Dayton Ohio Methods For Floor Cleaning.

This care can be said to be cleaning, maintenance, treatment, and conservation, to improve the appearance and properly maintain the entire surface.

In this post, we will list some pressure washing Dayton Ohio floor cleaning system and explain its application in practice. These types of systems are usually deducted from the following specific activities:

  1. Dry system
  2. Wet system
  3. Wet system

Cleaner Or Spray System

In order to effectively execute the works, we must carry them out in a rational way, so it is necessary to prepare a plan of works / times according to the circumstances and work to be done in each case.

These types of systems that we are going to see are used as much in the cleaning of hospitals, schools, communities of owners and hotels as in industrial and domestic domains, and they constitute a base for the application and development of systems of cleaning and maintenance of floors.

Dry Cleaning System

This cleaning can be done on all types of floors with brooms, dusters, mops, brushes or vacuum cleaners as well as rotary polishing-vacuum machines. With this type of cleaning, we only remove loose dirt. Also in some cases, as in cleaning with brushes or brooms, you have the disadvantage of raising dust, so the cleaning would never be done correctly when deposited this again on the ground. If we do this work with a sweeper vacuum, we can avoid the inconvenience of brooms and at the same time polish the external.

This form of cleaning is especially suitable for floors that have been treated with waxes or polishes. It must be done in places with little traffic and with a little dirt. In the case of cleaning of health centers only cleaning with a sweeper and preferably with special micro filters should be used.


  • Quick removal of dust, sand and loose dirt.
  • Polishing of the surface.


  • We only remove loose dirt, not attached to the ground.
  • The possibility of lifting poles in case of using brushes and brooms.

Wet Scrubbing System

In the domestic environment, the wet cleaning of a floor is usually done with a cloth or mop well drained. The best way to do this cleaning is with a special tool, commonly called mop, which consists of a metal frame protected with a cotton cloth or synthetic fiber and is replaceable. This mop can be moistened with a cleaning solution and rinse aid. It is a cleaning that meets higher hygiene requirements than dry cleaning and can be done on any type of floor except textile coatings (carpets) and non-sealed wood floors.

Due to the mechanical effect of this system, it is only effective if you want to eliminate dirt easily removable, for this it is imperative that the floor is protected by a waterproofing product that eliminates the porosities of the floor.

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Wet Scrubbing With Water

Wet scrubbing with water or a thorough cleaning, refers to the action of scrubbing the floor with solvent cleaner products on resistant self-sealing films and waterproofed wood floors. It is used in the current cleaning of floors, gyms and sports halls when on the floor has black traces of heels and footprints for example. In addition to eliminating traces of footprints and heels, the treatment product film is matched. A back polish made with a polishing machine will cause the floor to regain gloss and luster again.

It can be made in all types of pavements and especially in those that have the possibility of being treated previously with a resistant film, emulsion auto brill ante or crystallized.

Pressure Washing Dayton Ohio Advantages

  • Cleaning without dust.
  • Suitable for premises where cleaning is needed in the absence of dust.
  • In places with a lot of traffic without interrupting this one.
  • Simple and highly effective cleaning.
  • Cleaning of large surfaces in a short time.
  • It does not require great physical effort.

Wet scrubbing system

Essential in very dirty places where wet scrubbing would not be enough.

In the domestic area is done with a mop with a bucket and occasionally endowed with drainer. For this type of cleaning in large areas mops of scouring are used in combination with movable buckets and presses, as well as with water aspirators in combination with machines. Adding chemicals such as cleaners thoroughly and clean-brighteners can remove stains that have embedded in the floor. Just keep in mind that the surface should never be soaked. It can be made on all water resistant floors. It is probably the most hygienic of the four of the ones we are talking about here.


  • You avoid lifting dust.
  • You completely remove dust
  • It is a hygienic process whose hygiene increases with the addition of disinfectants.
  • A Higher degree of cleaning because we can also remove water soluble floor.
  • Combining products can be carried out together.


  • The yield m2 / hr. Is smaller with manual tools than in the wet scrubbing system.
  • More time is needed for the drying of the floor.
  • Working with excess water can cause floor damage.

Cleaner Or Spray System

In this system, we spray a product on the floor and quickly proceed to pass the polishing machine with a special disk. We can spray manually or mechanically depending on whether the sprayer is included in the polisher or not.

It is usually used for two purposes:

Cleaning and maintenance for little dirty places where with a single performance we get cleaning protection and polishing of the floor.

In the elimination of marks on the protective film of the pavement. In this case, we pulverize the product and act with the polisher on the damaged places until the surface is dry.


  • Quick cleaning and maintenance with little physical effort
  • A system without excess moisture or dust.


We must apply the pulverized product with measure since the excess of this can produce the resistance of the disc of the polisher and therefore the excessive heating of this one.

The result depends on the professionalism of the person who performs the work.

It needs to be washed and dried frequently.

Conclusions on the different types of floor cleaning

We must be able to decide and combine between different types of systems for cleaning each specific floor. We will not always do the same work on the same floor and will always depend on the degree of cleanliness we want to get and the characteristics of it.

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